New Single - Out June 28th

I’m very pleased to announce I have a new song coming out on June 28th and its...


After a show one evening Ben (my incredible cellist) and I were chatting and I mentioned I wanted to do a new cover. We usually do Kids (by MGMT) but we have been playing it for years and I wanted to freshen things up.

I began looking at new releases and thinking "this would be cool... that would be a sweet cover" etc when all of a sudden I thought NOOOOOOO! I should do a song that would be VERY DIFFICULT to cover. Something that would raise eyebrows. I wanted to be brave and not choose the easy option. I wanted to make you all totally reimagine the song...

A few songs were on my list, but Wonderwall stood out as the biggest challenge - So I worked out a new version and showed it to Ben. He sprinkled his genius on it and we started chucking it in the show and the reaction was so good that I decided to record it. The recording has turned out so well I decided we should put it out.

It's out on Smithereen Records on June 28th and you can pre order/pre save it on June 23rd.

I'm really proud of this track and I can’t wait to hear all of your reactions!